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I am so fortunate to have had many amazing couples grace my camera, I love them all for so many reasons! Each couple I photograph is unique, from how they fell in love to the types of activites they enjoy together. My favorite thing about shooting an engagement session is allowing my couples to be themselves and capturing their individual personalites. I find engagement sessions a MUST have for a couple reasons, and that is why these sessions are included in Mollie Wenzel Photography’s Wedding Packages! Getting to spend time with my couples before “the big day” allows us to get to know eachother, my couples can get comfortable in front of my camera so that on their wedding day they can relax knowing that I am capturing the best images they will love forever. Engagement sessions are also super fun! My couples can dress up or in outfits that represent their personalities, we can shoot in locations that tell their stories- maybe my couples love hiking with their dogs, or maybe they love strolling through a beautiful park when the fall leaves are in full color, or it could be that they want their story to be told from the lake that they grew up on when they were young…the possibitlies are endless! All my couples need is to bring their smiles, playfulness, and sense of adventure when shooting at some of these exciting locations in the Lafayette, IN area!

You will see that l live for incorporating the gorgeous seasons that we experience in Indiana in to my photos, in to my couples’ stories!

Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette, IN has deep foliage that brings depth and richness to your engagement session! When we shoot during the golden hour the light is just perfection.

Happy Hollow offers paved pathways, hiking trails throughout the woods, and adorable wooden bridges. Even during peak times we can find secluded areas to let your love shine.2020-03-29_0001.jpg

Wea Creek Orchard of Lafayette, IN stole my heart as it is a location that is perfect for any season. The lush orchards offer gorgeous greens in spring and summer, and their deep red barn is the perfect backdrop in any weather!2020-03-29_0011.jpg
It is a beauifully maintained orchard that is dog friendly for those couples that want to bring their four legged furbaby!2020-03-29_0006.jpg
After shooting I highly suggest shopping their on site market for home made jams, butters and salsas!

This sweet couple literally grew up vacationing with their families at Raccoon Lake, IN and wanted to showcase the gorgeous place they met and fell in love! I couldn’t be more thrilled to shoot in a location that held so much sentimental value. With the wam waters and the gorgeous sunsets this was definitely on the top of my fav list!2020-03-29_0002.jpg

There truly is more than corn in Indiana, ha! I can’t believe I just said that! But seriously, we really have beautiful locations with a variety of landscape right here in our back yards that make for a photographer’s paradise. The Purdue University Horticulture Park offers a quiet forrest nestled right in the heart of the busy university. This is the perfect getaway for couples that want to be intimate and remember the magic of being engaged. It is the perfect place to slow down, catch your breath, get away from all the stress of wedding planning.

Also, just minutes from Purdue University lies the Celery Bog- a place full of beautiful birds, tall dreamy grasses; a place where the sunset seems to actually touch the earth. Many of my gorgeous couples spend time in this bog taking walks together, dreaming of their future, or biking the trails that curve along the lake side. 2020-03-29_0021.jpg
I love the deep woods that add so much depth to my couples’ stories, but I also love the gorgeous grasses that seem to stretch for miles!2020-03-29_0023.jpg
Even during cold winter months this bog provides some color and lovely backgrounds!

I can gush about these locations all day long, but more importantly is that I am always scouting for new exciting places and locations that will help tell YOUR story! Engagement sessions are truly a MUST have!

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