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Iconic Locations for Photos

Maybe you’re getting ready to graduate and you are looking for some ideas to commemorate all the work you have put in over the last several years! Well keep reading and join me on Miguel’s senior session, where we visited all the iconic locations on Purdue University’s Campus for photos!

As a Boilermaker myself I am so in love with our campus, located in our little big town of West Lafayette, IN. We enjoy all 4 seasons here, so I am blessed to shoot winter graduations and spring ones too! Miguel, graduating spring of 2024, got to enjoy the lushness and fresh blooms that spring campus has to offer. Miguel and I really had a blast walking around campus and visiting all the special places that he has come to know as home.

Miguel traveled all the way from the San Francisco area to attend Purdue University. He didn’t realize how kind the people in the Midwest would be and admitted that he will definitely miss that. (Wait, there are places out there in which people don’t just randomly wave to each other and say “hey there”!) His family, back home in Cali, have never been here so we wanted to make sure we hit up all the iconic locations on Purdue University’s campus for photos… I really want my families to get their albums back and have tangible memories they can hold in their hands.

Purdue Memorial Union

The Purdue Memorial Union, a grand brick building that situates itself on a large corner of campus, is the home away from home. It has a bowling alley, meeting/studying spaces, eateries, grand ballrooms, and a plethora of resources for students. You will also find the Union Club Hotel here as well which is perfect for out of towners attending games and families coming to visit their loved ones. Outside the Union is a striking archway that is perfect for photos! See more about the Union here https://www.union.purdue.edu/

With the smell of stale champagne in the air, and tons of people walking through the archway, Miguel was extremely patient as we waited….and waited to snap those memories!

John Purdue

A wealthy industrialist, John Purdue, that founded the University in 1869…he’s the OG right there. His gravesite is on campus, but it is his statue that captivates many as they visit the campus. There is an unwritten law that one must get their photo taken next to him. The gorgeous grounds around the memorial mall area also make for some lovely spots to snap away!

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is 160 feet tall, is located in the center of campus, and plays the Purdue Fight Song and Alma Mater at 12:20, 5pm and 10pm. It sure is a sight to see! I always enjoyed hearing the bell as I walked campus. Legend has it, that if a student walks under it they will not graduate in 4 years. There is a time capsule sealed underneath and is to be opened in 2095. It is also said, that if you kiss your loved one under the tower, then walk past the nearby lion fountain sculpture that you will soon marry! I tried to talk Miguel in to walking underneath the tower, but he wasn’t going to take any chances! I guess I can’t blame him..once you’re ready to graduate you’re ready!

Engineering Fountain

This is the it spot for summertime fountain runs! You must must do a fountain run before you graduate….or multiple ones ha ha! This enormous fountain, located in the center of engineering mall, sits in the center of brick walkways, ornate trees with lush pink blooms, and circular brick walkways. On sunny days you will find students studying, or napping on blankets, playing ball, and just taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

Come visit us in the summer and cool off in a fountain run! https://www.arboretum.purdue.edu/explorer/features/engineering-fountain/

Hovde Hall

I call this the “big wig” building. This enormous 4 story building has quite the staircase that I love to use for photo ops. And let’s face it, by the time we have walked and walked and walked campus…its nice for my grads to have place to sit for a few ha ha!

OMGeeee I am LOVING this tie! Boilerup!!!!

I had the loveliest time strolling campus with Miguel. As we continued our walk and talk, I got to learn so much about this young man! Although he is excited to get back home to his parents in Cali, he will miss the home of Purdue University that he has come to love the past 4 years. Currently Miguel is working hard to line up a job that will utilize his degree in computer science. Miguel longs for the hills of his hometown, but he will miss his friends terribly. There are memories cherished of playing board games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Monopoly. Miguel lived for nights with his buddies at the Neon Cactus dancing and having a blast. He looks forward to going home, continuing with his healthy cooking and hitting up the gym. By the way, each of us had just had a leg day session the day before Miguel’s senior photos….let’s just say the walking was extremely good for us ha!

Gateway to the Future

We wrapped up our session at the Gateway to the Future. This is probably my fav of the iconic locations on Purdue University’s campus for photos. Its the perfect spot to reflect on the hard work you put in over the last 4 years. All the labs, assignments, lectures, homework help sessions, cram sessions, final exams and those senior projects….dang its a lot! Miguel you have come so far and I can’t wait to see what your future has in store!

Fun fact! Did you know that Gus Grissom, Neil Armstrong, and Amelia Earhart are just a few of the kick ass legends that attended Purdue! Boilerup people!!

Please join me in raising a glass to Miguel, may his future be bright!

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